Why You Should Consider Pre-ordering Your Tent

Why Pre-Order This Product?

Simply put, it's about supply and demand. We are currently producing more products, but our capacity is finite, and we're finding that demand is surpassing our ability to supply (rest assured, we're working on it!). Our recent batch of Touring Tents, Tipis, A-Frames, and accessories flew off the shelves in no time, so we're diligently crafting a fresh batch of tents and new accessories. Given our commitment to using high-quality bespoke materials, this process takes time.

To guarantee your tent, we highly recommend pre-ordering.

Things to Keep in Mind When Pre-Ordering:

Although we do our best, we cannot guarantee the exact shipping date of your pre-ordered tent. While our system is accurate, shipping dates are contingent on the latest information we receive from our suppliers, factory, and shipping agents. As with all logistics, schedule variations can occur. However, don't worry, we'll keep you updated and offer you the opportunity to cancel your order if the shipping date is changed beyond a reasonable timeframe.

If you choose to cancel your order, we will issue a full refund within 30 days of the refund request.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected]